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This dating website should be shut down and prosecuted! There is no way of contacting customer service directly and when you use their method of attempting to contact them (via their website) they never respond to you.

Especially if it has anything to do about changing your account settings, or membership! They continue to bill your credit cards and DO NOT CIMPLY with their own terms of conditions and service! This website is a total SCAM! It posts photos of people from 10yrs ago, who's profiles have been inactive for years!

Then it recycles images and profiles to make it appear the site is actually worth joining.

"BUYER BEWARE". You will NOT be able to cancel your subscription unless you cancel your credit card!!!

Review about: Singleparentmeet Membership.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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Polson, Montana, United States #1331599

You're one hundred percent right. Red Flags: No contact number for them.

They never reply to emails. I couldn't get my photos to upload, and they finally sent a message that my photos didn't meet their guidelines. How in *** can a person standing on their front porch be inappropriate? Another photo with my daughter and my horses and that's not within their guidelines.

You can't contact them. They give you some *** about contacting them via mail offline and their address is just v...... and, well, just a bunch of letters, no town, no country, nothing. My opinion.

It's just some fat *** bald guy sitting around in his underwear in his basement somewhere offshore. For "About me", I just listed all the reasons this site wasn't worth joining. Well, they refused to post it which told me, this isn't a big company or it would have taken awhile to catch it. This is a one person operation, and good Lord in heaven, loaded with scammers.

Some gals list their ages differently every other day, and while it's the same photo, they change where they live all the time. You can't even report them because there's no way to contact the ***. God, I'd love to meet this *** in a back alley somewhere.

***, those scammers are probably even him making extra money doing that. STAY AWAY from this ***.


Yeah when i made my profile for weeks i kept getting all these emails oh she made you her favorite oh so so likes your picture so i paid for 1 month to see how many responses id get and none so i opted out of automatic repay and since then no more emails but i took the advice and canceled my credit card so they cant bill me again..... *** scam artists


Bingo...this is THE WORST customer service i have EVER seen.....thank GOD i didn.t give them any money cause you SURE can.t unsubscribe from this site or make any changes.......and ALL of my so called matches live a hundred miles away


i cant find a way to delete account on the site


I agree with those of you who say this site is a scam. And people do post pictures from a long time ago.

So far there hasn't been a selection of decent looking guys to chose from and just about all of them are 5'9" and under. I am 5'8" and I am looking for someone much taller than myself. I knew it was a bad idea to join. I can't even find a customer service number to call.

That's a red flag right there! I don't use my CC anymore for these sites because sometimes you can't get your money back. I use a gift card but I still have money left on it which I will use up so they can't charge my card again.

Beware of this site! Thanks for the heads up!!

Hampton, New Hampshire, United States #960074

This site is fake I think its linked to eharmony cause of the costumer services or the lack of . I got charged more than what I agreed to they let *** guys post on men seeking women so don't be fooled ita we ddon't discriminate thing gross fake fake i tell you save your money!!!!!!!!


I have been a member of Singleparentmeet for about a month, and so far it is one big Zero for me. Despite taking the time to write out responses to various women based on their profiles - for the most part all of my correspondence seems to just disappear into a black hole, since I do not receive replies. This gives credence to another commenter's point that they do not remove the profiles of members who leave the site.


I don't know about the fraud, I just started my account. Eight years ago I thought I would try this website and the first day I meet my beautiful, loving wife.

I could never ask God for anyone better than her. My wife died in an auto accident last year, it's been tough....I found her here....that's all.

to patrickdaniel Polson, Montana, United States #1331601

Beware, they troll these and post *** just like this, even going so far as to post about losing their wife in an auto accident, real drama, real ***. *** you, you troll ***.


Total scam. I never even went to the site and somehow they got my information and too 50$ out of my account!!!

I am lucky I caught it!!!! I am a student and am struggling to get by, 50$ is a big hit to my finances~!!!!!

to Anonymous Polson, Montana, United States #1331604

Same thing for me, they were supposed to take out $36 and took out $96. You can't do one *** thing because there's no way to contact them.

This HAS to be coming from offshore because of no way to contact them, and they don't concern themselves with the FBI. Stay away from this scam site.

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #686641

I completely agree! I tried to post that my membership had expired and I would not be renewing and they wouldn't approve this on my profile.

A condition of membership is that you can't state when your membership expired.

This is complete and utter fraud! it would be interesting to know how many people are actual active memberships.

to Anonymous Polson, Montana, United States #1331606

We should somehow try and get the authorities on this. They openly and blatantaly scam you and don't even have a phone no., or any way to contact them.

If it's even a them, more likely one guy. I'm going to report it to the FBI and I think if enough people do this, you'll find the site closed down.


Had same experience with that site, and did not meet quality people. The keep profiles on there that are from other countries, despite omitting them when setting up profile. I heard more from Europe.....Nigeria that anywhere else.

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