I used this site to see if there was any difference in comparison to others such as eharm and Match.It was the same experience as the more expensive sites and just as difficult to cancel. I found it had the slease factor, if you have a friend suspicious of a cheating husband, you might find him here.

It would be a great site for a private investigator to seek out a cheater.

I am posting this comment so that some of the arrogant Aholes I've met may read this. I was honest, posted pics and willing to admit I am not a size -2, but I am not hauled out of the home by a flat bed truck with the assistance of the fire dept. I am a professional, educated and pay all my bills and mortgage. I was upfront in my profile made it clear that I did not have children, and choose the site based on knowing who I am and what I have to offer a single father and children, stable, good family background, etc blah blah.

All specifics I kept private so not to attract Mr. Wrong and free-loader. I was surprised to experience that the men were very caustic towards me, a few even told me I had no business being on that site as I was a single woman with no children (there was no indication that a single person with no kids could not be on the site). Some were generally rude, emailed some passionate insulting remarks, mainly directed to my "single with no kids" status.

Since I can leave my comment anonymous, some of those emails were so mean, it was finally enought to get me and I cried, then cancelled my membership. You awful men don't deserve a woman like me and I will not expose my family to such a bunch of hateful, lowlife spoiled jackasses. They were not interested in knowing me, and I was a target for them to lash out their general hostility. Most were just bitter angry men, and after listening to all the woes, they really should have saved their time, cash and visit a bar to pick up a one-night-er.

Don't expect a gentleman when they are still fuming over paying for the ex'es education and then she leaves him, the loss of a mini-mansion and other material items, not once, NEVER, any mention of the disruption of chaos to their kids....and yet, I took the criticism for choosing a career first, maintaining a stable home. I was insulted from my looks, my country, my job, yet, if I go into any grocery store in Az there's a fella rubbing some chick that will have more fat in her *** than I could ever have! I can't be that ugly, if a snot-nosed Scottsdale bimbo argues with me that a plastic surgeon "did my nose" and there's no way it's natural. Their behaviour is not the fault of the website, or any dating website, I will not be bothered wasting my time with toxic people I would avoid if I met them in person.

I have more fun planning those long trips homes to have a girls weekend out at the cottage. So fellas, have a wonderful miserable life and kiss my pasty white Irish ***!

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