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I am unable to open messages sent to me. I am also nit able to send any messages or they are not going thru. I have called twice today and still nothing. I have paid fir this service.

I am not able to respond to a guy that has know sent me 3 messages.

Would appreciate getting this fixed.

In the meantime if u can contact h29j to let him know there are technical issues.





I am unable to cancel. I do not want it to auto renew.


Trying to pay

I keep puting in my credit card and it keeps declining. Every thing is correct.

And I have mony on the card.

I was hoping to get a phone number to get help with this. I can't get messages in till i pay.



I would like to know if this person skisno001 from PA is getting my messages?? We keep flirting with each other and I keep sending messages but all I get is flirts and interested back like he isn't seeing my messages.

The other day I know my messages weren't coming through from a different guy. I even sent the chat message.

Please help!! thanks


How do I cancel my membership?

I want to cancel my membership. I know longer need it. I met my lady.


Please Can cell my membership.


Can cell my membership


Please cancel my membership.

Username: whone1941

When I joined up my confirmation number was 30X5982801


I recently became a member. I can send a message but can't receive one. Can you tell me why not. Thanks

Can send messages, not receive any. I thought I was paying for that service.


Canceling my membership

I need to cancel my membership. It was a mistake and I JUST got this membership late last night. How do I cancel and get a refund????


Want to cancel member ship.not happy with chooses


Not happy with the entire site. I dont want it


Im not happy with yoir site . I vanceled 2 months and yall bolled my card again last month .

I disputed it withu card holder.

They said yall refumfed it so check on it for me. And let me know


I thought i have cancelled this rip off. I want to and i want my money refunded to my card. How do i do this?

I dont like this site it was supposed to be cancelled and i want my money back asap!


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